Free download JetWooBuilder v1.6.0 – WooCommerce Addon for Elementor

Free download JetWooBuilder v1.6.0 - WooCommerce Addon for Elementor

Free download JetWoo JetWooBuilder is a must-have addon allowing to add fully-fledged WooCommerce pages built with Elementor, use them as templates, and create loads of attractive WooCommerce content with versatile WooCommerce widgets. Free download JetWoo. ndexer Showcase only relevant selections and hide unwanted ones in the post filter for customers to find desired products in one click. In the Indexer settings, try the counter option to indicate the number of items in categories. View Tutorial Free download JetWoo Faceted Search System Give users a possibility to apply multiple filters with the faceted search techniques. This navigation system lets us display specific and relevant options on the page. View Tutorial

Hierarchy Select Principle
Combine several similar filters in one hierarchy to show a relative path. It is an excellent option to organize the category filter and it’s subcategories conveniently.
View Tutorial Free download JetWoo
Choose your widget for filtering and pagination
Types of filters
Rating Filter
Live demo
Visual filter
Live demo
Search Filter
Live demo
Radio Filter
Live demo
Date Range
Live demo
Check Range
Live demo
Range Filter
Live demo
Select Filter
Live demo
Checkboxes Filter
Live demo
Additional widgets
Remove Filters
Active Filters
Live demo Free download JetWoo
Apply Button
Live demo
You’ll Love JetSmartFilters for Elementor
Easy to Use
The plugin is developed for you to put minimum efforts into creating or editing a product filter.

We took care of including all possible filter bar designs and settings for any website.

Any Theme, Any Page
Be sure that you can apply all filters to any WordPress theme and custom post types.

Perfect Integration Free download JetWoo
JetSmartFilters fully integrates with Elementor, JetEngine and JetWooBuilder plugins.

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